Table of Contents

Chapter 1:       Foreword and Introduction

Chapter 2:       Hospitals of the MCEMS System

Chapter 3:       Levels of Prehospital Care

Chapter 4:       Provider Responsibilities / Provider Status

Chapter 5:       EMS Communications and Documentation

Chapter 6:       Aberrant Situations

Chapter 7:       General Patient Assessment and Management

Chapter 8:       Cardiac Protocols

Chapter 9:       Medical/Respiratory Protocols

Chapter 10:     Environmental Emergencies

Chapter 11:     Trauma Protocols

Chapter 12:     OB\GYN Protocols

Chapter 13:     Pediatric Protocols

Chapter 14:     MCEMS Medications

Chapter 15:     Appendices

Form 1:   Emergency Medical Responder Scope of Practice     

Form 2:   Emergency Medical Technician Scope of Practice

Form 3:   Advanced Emergency Medical Technician Scope of Practice

Form 4:   Intermediate Scope of Practice

Form 5:   Paramedic Scope of Practice

Form 6:   Critical Care Paramedic Scope of Practice

Form 7:   Manitowoc County EMS Incident Report

Form 8:   Manitowoc County EMS Airway Form

Form 9:   Manitowoc County EMS Multiple Casualty Release

Form10:  Manitowoc County EMS Emergency Childbirth Record