Manitowoc County EMS Association Meeting Minutes                                  1/26/2022

Host:  Newton EMS in person & via virtual link


 The January 26, 2022 meeting of the Manitowoc County EMS Association was called to order at 1903 by the president.

The meeting is held in person as well as virtually.


 Phil Kinzel and Ann DeMark of Melnick Presbyterian Church presented on the Comfort Quilts which are quilts for patients or their families which they make and share with EMS and other groups in Manitowoc County.  Contact information:  Comfort Quilts: or 920-860-7110. 0.5 hours


 Education was held first with Lt. Jason Jost from the Manitowoc County Sheriff’s department presenting on crime scene evidence and preservation.  His co-presenter was Curt Green, Manitowoc County Coroner.  The spoke on ways to document crime scenes of many types, the importance of sharing and documenting the patient’s body movement or the movement of the patient’s belongings or personal items.  Two of the most important take away points were never to assume anything, remember it’s all evidence (everything you see, hear, smell, touch).  They stressed the importance of not sharing of patient scene pictures or information to the press or media of any type with anyone other than law enforcement directly related to the case.  1.0 hours


 The meeting proper was called to order and roll call taken.  A quorum was present.


 Secretary’s Report:  The secretary’s report was read and presented to the group.  A motion was made by Branch to accept the minutes and seconded by Reedsville.


 Treasurer’s Report:  Ending balances:  Checking:  $3104.46       Savings:  $5256.23  A motion to accept the treasurer’s report as presented was made by Silver Creek and seconded by Reedsville.


 Old Business:

1. Contact List:  The contact list updates were passed around.  Items may be sent to the webmaster for other updates.

2. Committee Reports:

  1. Emergency Government/Dispatch/Radio:  Travis reminded everyone that the 50/50 grants are still available for radios.  There is a process which needs to be followed.  Contact him for more information.  He reports that the mobile command post was approved for 2022 and should be here in November or December.  County ID tags need updating?  Contact Kayla in emergency government.  ID badges are one per person currently.  COVID:  Travis also states they have a lot of COVID supplies if anyone needs them.

Dispatch is adding two more staff to fill open positions. 

  1. Finance:  Nothing

  2. Protocols:  State protocols are out.

  3. Disaster 2022:  Nothing set yet; looking for ideas

  4. Education:  No updates

  5. LTC:  Refreshers are now every 3 years.  Be sure to plan.

  6. Medical director:  Dr. Nelson is no longer working at HFM.  He will cover First Responders until they can get new medical direction.

  7. MABAS:  No updates

  8. RTAC/HERC:  Both organizations have grant monies available.  Thermometers and pulse oximeters are still available from the HERC.  Check out their webpages.


New Business:

  1. Elections:  The first office up for election is that of treasurer.  Alyssa Johanek is the only candidate running.  There were no more nominations from the floor and a motion was made by Newton to close nominations and then to have the secretary cast a unanimous ballot for Alyssa Johanek to be the treasurer.  This was seconded by Manitowoc.  Congratulations and thank you Alyssa.

 Vice-president:  The only person on the ballot so far is John Biely from Francis Creek.  Nominations were again opened, and no other nominations were presented.  A motion was made by Newton to close the nominations and have the secretary cast a unanimous ballot for John for vice-president.  Branch seconded the motion and John is our vice-president.  Congratulations and thank you John. 

  1. Triage Tuesdays:  The medical directors of the area ambulance are joining with Manitowoc County EMS in supporting doing Triage Tuesdays again beginning the first Tuesday in March.  Please review the memo from Bill Manis. 


 The next meeting will be Wednesday, March 23, 2022, at 7:00 p.m. in Kiel. 


A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Newton and seconded by Reedsville.  Meeting adjourned at 2056. 


Agency Attendance:  Branch, Cleveland, Newton, Francis Creek, Reedsville, Silver Creek Manitowoc, Mishicot, Emergency Management 


Submitted:  D. Holschbach, secretary



Deb Holschbach            Newton                                     Theresa Becker             Mishicot                                               

Kyle Newberg                Branch                                      Claude Siragusa            Newton

Amy Kohlmann              Branch                                      Scott Kohlmann             Branch

Bryan Kornely                Newton                                     John Biely                     Francis Creek

Lydia Slotke                  Cleveland                                  Kristy Schmidt               Silver Creek

Mark Knier                    Newton                                     Theresa Harder             Silver Creek

Todd Blaser                   Manitowoc                                Chuck Windus               Newton

Hannah Pfeffer              Francis Creek                            Travis Waack                Emergency Government

Jan Ross                      Newton                                     Michael Kocourek          Reedsville