Manitowoc County EMS Association Meeting Minutes                                  5/22/2019

Host:  Maribel First Responders


The May 22, 2019 meeting of the Manitowoc County EMS Association was called to order at 1900.  Educational presentation was done by Del Zuleger from County Rescue/Eagle 3 on landing zones, landing zone safety, and helicopter transportation 1.0 hours.


Roll call was taken.  A quorum was present. 


The secretary’s report was presented and a motion to accept as written was made by Branch and seconded by Kiel with no discussion and everyone in favor.        


The treasurer’s report was given and ending balances were given as follows:

Checking:         $3205.87                                  

Savings:           $5070.46                                      

The 2019 statements are out.  Francis Creek still owes for 2018.  A motion to accept the treasurer’s report was made by Kiel and seconded by Two Creeks.  Motion carried. 


Old Business: 

1.       Contact numbers:  Passed for updates and has been updated on-line.

2.       Committee reports:

a.       Radio:  The JDC board is advisory, and the committee is thinking about including police and fire.  June 6 is their next meeting. Technically, Travis in in control of authorizing who can use county fire as the channel is owned by Manitowoc County.

b.       Medical Directors:   Discussion about special equipment in the community like LVADS and life vests.  Dr. Martens provided some education on these.

c.       Protocols:  Two Rivers is updating theirs currently but there is nothing from the state out yet.  First responder skills could possibly change with the new state proposals.

d.       Finance:  Nothing to report currently.

e.       Disaster:   Ongoing:  Some suggestions included a “sim city” drill with communication as the focus.  Todd Blaser will contact LTC about some options. 

f.         Education and training:  Nothing

g.       LTC:  Wishes everyone happy EMS week.  The fall brochure is online.  SIM city is moving forward.  EMR and EMT have aligned their programs better.  Kelsey Brooks is the new EMS Coordinator.  LTC Manitowoc will move to 600 York Street.  And there will be an RN to EMT program coming soon.

h.       Dispatch:  JDC meeting there was discussion on activating the “emergency buttons” and they are active, but units will need programming and dispatch is still working on the data base.  They are down one position again.6/3/19 the ether net will be upgraded.  The baskets for telecommunicators week were well received and a thankyou was sent.  A water rescue map is in progress.

i.         Website:  Mark Knier will continue to be our webmaster.  Disaster trailer DVD to be sent to him.

j.         Emergency Management:  nothing

k.       JDC Steering Committee: see radio 

l.         MABAS:  There is a meeting 7/1/19 and the new cards should be active.

m.     EMS Day 2018:  Decision made to not do the event at Copps and try the booth at the county fair in August.  Kyle Newberg and Andrew Schwerma are our representatives and they report the application for a booth at county fair has been made.  Forms were received to apply for the booth, and we are paying the “booth fee”.  More to come.  We will be asking LTC for some flyers about EMS/fire classes.  We do not have an official answer from county fire yet on teaming with us, but it is believed they will partner.  The booth hours are Wednesday through Saturday 10-10 and Sunday 10-6 and must always have one person in them.  A motion was made by Mishicot for County EMS to pay for the booth and this was seconded by Branch.

n.       Scholarship:  Very limited discussion on this but county fire is interested in doing something with us about this.  More to come.

o.       MTSO:  Nothing

p.       RTAC:  There were form letters sent for Medicaid legislation and tax credits.  Dave Taylor has resigned, and they are in the process of getting a new RTAC coordinator.

q.       HERC:   No update.


New Business

1.       Next meeting:  July 24 at Branch at 7:00 p.m. and we are back on normal rotation.

2.       Memorial Request:  No update

3.       Valders:  Chief Dallas wants his contact information changed to  Phone number:  920-889-5065.


A motion to adjourn was made by Kiel seconded by Branch.  Motion carried……….2055


Attendance:  Branch, Collins, Valders, Mishicot, Kiel, Newton, Two Creeks, Kellnersville, Reedsville, MTSO, LTC, Dr. Martens


Submitted:  D. Holschbach, secretary


Attendance: (only a partial list)

Deb Holschbach            Newton                                    

Tom Krajnik                   Mishicot                                   

Theresa Becker             Mishicot                                   

Kyle Newberg                Branch 

Suzanne Martens           Valders