Manitowoc County EMS Association Meeting Minutes                                  7/25/2018

Host:  Silver Creek First Responders


The July 25, 2018 meeting of the Manitowoc County EMS Association was called to order at 1900.  The educational presentation was Dr. Suzanne Martens who spoke on “Just Culture” and EMS.  1.0 hours.


Roll call was taken.  A quorum was present. 

The secretary’s report was presented and a motion to accept it as printed was made by St. Nazianz and seconded by Collins.  Motion carried.      


The treasurer’s report was given and ending balances were given as follows:

Checking:         $3875.94                                  

Savings:           $5059.05                                      

The 2018 statements pending yet are Francis Creek, Branch, and Reedsville.  A motion to accept the treasurer’s report was made by Manitowoc and seconded by Collins.  Motion carried. 


Old Business: 

1.       Contact numbers:  Passed for updates and has been updated on line.

2.       Committee reports:

a.       Radio:  No solution for when county fire goes down yet.  They are looking at options.  Interestingly, the radios belong to the department of public works.  They are working on intra-operations.

b.       Medical Directors:   Dr. Martens gave an update on the state.  Unfortunately, the state did not renew her contract and she expects an announcement on the new medical director soon.  Dr. Martens also stated that Wisconsin in moving toward evidence-based protocols and the state is possibly putting out a draft in August. Protocols that mirror or adopt the state protocols will then be automatically approved by the state.  They are NAEMS protocols.  The state has some work to finish on getting these into a protocol format and making sure that they meet the federal document standards. 

c.       Protocols:  Looking at formats and evidence-based protocols.  There is a list of legislative updated in your WEMSA magazine, but no new bills were approved at this time.

d.       Finance:  Nothing at this time.

e.       Disaster:   Mishicot has volunteered for a 2018 disaster drill with some type of active shooter or larger format.  The tentative date is 10/25/18 in the afternoon. The Manitowoc County Disaster trailer has found a home in Two Rivers and they will deploy it as needed.  Thanks extended to them for this.  Also, the trailer will deploy on the first box alarm for life safety cards.  Bill Manis is coordinating a trailer update via the RTAC and HERC.  Inventory was done tonight.  The trailer is looking much better.

f.         Education and training:   Reminded of resources as needed for agencies.  Dr. Martens is again inviting Manitowoc County to her scheduled Sheboygan county educational offerings at the Roadside Bar & Grill in the back room.

g.       LTC:  Fall class programs passed out.  LTC announces that there is a bridge class from EMR to EMT which they are working on offering!    This will be done via a grant and will run regardless of class numbers.  EMT classes will now be part 1 (EMR skills/education) and part 2 completes EMT training.  There is WARDS elite training at LTC on 8/6/18 and 8/7/18 from 6-10.

h.       Dispatch:  Two more in training to achieve full staffing status.

i.         Website:  Mark Knier will continue to be our webmaster. 

j.         JDC Steering Committee:   Dispatch will do a brief “attention” statement before toning out calls.  This is their compromise for “alerts”.  They are making a radio training video for all of us.  Calls are reviewed as reviewed.  Reminders to request resources early for calls.  Dispatch asks that we don’t assume that will do these calls automatically.

k.       MABAS:  EMS should have life safety cards.  All cards are getting updated by the end of August. 

l.         EMS Day 2018:  No decision made for 2019.

m.     RTAC:  Theresa gave some updates including many legislative updates including 911 dispatch CPR, Bill 97, Stop the bleed, and license renewals for 3 years.  There is a falls program being revised again. There has been no formal decision made on SALT and START.

n.       HERC:   The Citizen Aid flyers and Champak packets were passed out for all.  All information is being emailed.  People are encouraged to take the Citizen Aid to their schools or churches.


New Business

1.       Next meeting:  Sept. 26 at St. Nazianz at 1900.


A motion to adjourn was made by Manitowoc and seconded by St. Nazianz.  Motion carried.


Attendance:  Branch, Collins, Francis Creek, Silver Creek, Maribel, Two Rivers, Valders, Mishicot, Manitowoc, Newton, St. Nazianz, LTC, and Dr. Martens



Submitted:  D. Holschbach, secretary