Manitowoc County EMS Association Meeting Minutes                                9-23-15

Host:  Reedsville First Responders


The September 2015 meeting of the Manitowoc County EMS Association was called to order at 1900.  The educational speakers were:   Theda Clark Flight Members.  They spoke on Trauma Time Out, and Case Studies and EMS interaction on both.


The meeting was resumed after education.  Roll call was taken.  A quorum was present. 


The secretaryís report was not presented as it is in deep storage.  It will be removed from archives soon and represented in its entirety.


The treasurerís report was given and ending balances were given as follows:

Checking:         $1932.47          

Savings:           $5013.67          

A motion was made by Kellnersville to accept the treasurerís report as presented and Reedsville seconded the motion.  Motion carried.  


Old Business: 

1.       Contact numbers:  Passed for updates. 

2.       Committee reports:

a.       Radio:  Discussion of noise on channels and a reminder to use the working channel on scenes.

b.       Medical Directors:  Looking at long boards use and at this time for trauma.  Donít change your practices.  Know that the hospitals will get patients off boards as fast as possible. 

c.       Protocols:  Discussion on the latest recommendations for sports to remove pads and helmets.   We are also looking at active shooter protocol vs guidelines.

d.       Finance:  nothing at this time

e.       Disaster:  Cleveland will host a table to; planned for possibly October but we will work with the RTAC and the rest of the county.  It is on hold for now.

f.         Education and training:  If you need something, ask and help will be found.

g.       LTC:  Has a new schedule out.

h.       Dispatch:  Is dropping the Ebola specific question.  They are doing some QA training.  One new hire.

i.         Website:  Mark Knier will continue to be our webmaster.

j.         JDC:  Nothing to report

k.       MABAS:  We will keep working with fire but looking at life safety cards?

l.         EMS Week:  Set for May 21.  Mark to work with Copps again.


New Business


1.       Next meeting:  Discussion was held on changing the November meeting.  A motion was made by Kellnersville and seconded by Reedsville to have the meeting on 11-18-15.  Motion carried.

2.       RTAC:  EMS Active shooter is an emphasis.

3.       Nominations:  The offices of Treasurer and Vice president are open.  Tom Krajnik accepted a nomination for treasurer and Theresa Becker accepted a nomination for VP.  Offices will remain open. 

4.       AED Cable:  Discussion on possible reimbursement of AED cable purchased by St. Nazianz to do some print outs they needed.  They would allow other agencies to use it.  Discussion on who could or would use it.  Discussion on cost which was about $555.  Group wants more information on who might use the cable based on AED type.




A motion to adjourn was made by Reedsville and seconded by Kellnersville.


Attendance:  Collins, Two Creeks, Mishicot, Valders, Manitowoc, Newton, St. Nazianz, Kellnersville, Reedsville, Silver Creek


Submitted:  D. Holschbach, secretary