Manitowoc County EMS Association Meeting Minutes                           1/19/11

Host:  Valders Fire/Rescue


The January 2011 meeting of the Manitowoc County EMS Association was called to order at 1900 by President Knier.  The educational speaker was Chad Stiles speaking on tactical EMS.  1900-2000


Roll call was taken.  A quorum was present.


The secretary’s report was distributed and copies given.  A motion was made to accept the secretary’s report as written was made by Mishicot and seconded by Newton.  Report accepted.    


The treasurer’s report was given and ending balances were given as follows:

Checking:         $547.63             New CD Balance:  $5146.33

Savings:           $1456.70           Note:  All 2010 dues are in except for Silver Creek.         

 A motion was made by Cleveland to accept the treasurer’s report as presented and Kellnersville seconded it.  Motion carried. 


Old Business: 

1.       Tax ID #:  On going.

2.       Contact numbers:  Passed for updates. 

3.       Committee reports:

a.       Radio

b.        Medical Director

c.       Protocols:  Our CCR protocol was approved by the state.  More updates coming.  The lab draw discussion goes on and may find its way into protocols for agencies that want to do it. 

d.       Finance:   Nothing yet.  The tax ID # will be worked into this area

e.       Disaster:  To meet and finish the critique and then update the plan again.  Discussion of changing our triage tags and we will wait to see what the state supports.

f.        Education and training:  Seminar coming up in March.  It’s going to have excellent speakers.

g.       Dispatch:  1 dispatcher is retiring and the rest will be shifting their hours.  The steering committee continues to function.  Review of procedures is in the works.

4.       By-laws:  Ongoing.  Committee:   Siehr, Holschbach, Knier, Busse.

5.       Mutual Aid Agreement:    Still waiting on Francis Creek, Kiel, Manitowoc, St. Nazianz, Valders and Viking.  Please get this done yet this year! 

6.       Disaster Drill:  Mishicot volunteered to host the 2011 disaster drill!!  New date to be determined with Mishicot and the committee.

7.       Portable on Scene:  Letter drafted for this and also sending first responders even though caller refuses them. 


New Business

  1. Next meeting:  3/24/2011hosted by Viking
  2. County Fair:  Manitowoc will bring up in March
  3. First Responder/Ambulance Boundaries:  Chief Manis brought a map for review of territory boundaries.
  4. Bariatric Cot:  MFD has a bariatric cot and ambulance.  The cot can hold 1859# or a patient over 350#.  Please call them if you ever need it.  Request the BARIATRIC unit.
  5. Big Fire:  MFD thanked everyone who helped for the recent large fire in Manitowoc.  We discussed transportation challenges on that night because of the weather and several options we have to get to calls in bad weather.  Groomers, snowmobiles, HUMVIES, etc.
  6. Maribel First Responders:  Are totally in operation and invited to join with us.
  7. First Responder Defib:  A copy of the protocol was passed out to everyone with the reminder of the need for education/recertification every 6 months. 
  8. Heart A Rama:  MFD asked the heart a rama people for an AED that could be used when someone’s is out of service.  We will see if we get one.



A motion to adjourn was made by Mishicot and Cleveland seconded.  Meeting adjourned.


Next meeting is March 24, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. at Viking



Attendance:  Cleveland, Collins, Kellnersville, Kiel, Manitowoc, Mishicot, Newton, St. Nazianz, Valders

Absent:  Branch, Francis Creek, Reedsville, Silver Creek, Two Creeks, Two Rivers, Viking


Submitted:  D. Holschbach, secretary