Manitowoc County EMS Association Meeting Minutes 5-27-09

Host: Kellnersville First Responders

The May 2009 meeting of the Manitowoc County EMS Association was called to order at 1900 by President Siehr. The educational portion of the meeting was held first and the business portion was held last. The speaker was Joe Kiel from Manitowoc County speaking on drugs and their effects and what EMS will see. See the notes included.

Roll call was taken. A quorum was present.

The secretary’s report was distributed and copies given. A motion to accept the secretary’s report as printed was made by Reedsville and seconded by Newton. Report accepted.

The treasurer’s report was given and ending balances were given as follows:

Checking: $270.62 New CD Balance: $5043.91

Savings: $2453.07

Note: Outstanding dues remains for 2009 are Branch and Francis Creek. A motion to accept the treasurer’s report as presented was made by Newton and seconded by St. Nazianz. Report accepted.

Old Business:

1. Website: Soon to be finalized. It is "" or "".

2. Woodland Drive: Almost done, Siehr to f/u. A motion was made by St. Nazianz and seconded by Mishicot to send a letter thanking all of the municipalities involved in making this happen. Siehr to send thank you note. Motion passed.

3. Letterhead: Done at cost of $370 ish. The catch phrase winner was Mark Juul from Two Rivers and Mark declines the gift card and donated the $25 back to the organization.

4. EMS Trailer: Discussion on the catch phrase and lettering being used on the EMS trailer and this will be done by Gary Brandl from Two Rivers. Chief Manis bought wood and shelves will be welded to clean up the trailer.

5. Tax ID #: Treasurer Tom is on the job.

6. Contact numbers: Again passed and some changes made.

7. Committee reports:

a. Dispatch: "SEND" protocol cards can be ordered. Brain Thielbar from Joint Dispatch spoke stating that we could and should be contacting him with JDC issues. Radio committee of Bill Manis, Becky Brandes, Mark Busse are on the county radio committee and you can contact them with any dispatch call issues you want help with. Discussion on how "On Duty" is defined by Nancy Crowley with regard to the send cards and issues that causes. More to come.

b. Protocols: Some new pain meds are in like dilaudid and morphine is out of the CHF protocol. Ongoing.

c. Finance: Nothing new.

d. Disaster: see trailer above

e. Education and training: EMS Seminar 10-3-09 at Holiday Inn and Bob Page will be at LTC in August. Watch for flyers.

f. Medical Director: Dr. Nelson has a new phone # 323-1057.

g. Radio: PAR vote was 4 to 4 a tie with the President casting the deciding vote make it 5-4 with NO being the carrying vote. So for now, there will be no PAR checks for EMS and the issue will be tabled and revisited in 1 year.

8. EMS Data Base: Busse, Holschbach, and Siehr no further information. Jay Steuer also working on this.

9. EMS Week: Awesome job done by all who attended.

10. County ID Tags: Reminder to get everyone in your group a picture. Contact Two Rivers or emergency government for the forms to send along with the pictures to Two Rivers. Mailing a flash drive worked great for St. Nazianz.

11. Common Terminology: President Siehr discussed the county using common terminology for EMS units. Still gathering data.

12. Physician Advisory Updates: Dr. Martens from Sheboygan is a faithful attendee and will share the minutes with us. The minutes will be posted on the web page.

New Business:

1. Dispatchers (Telecommunicators) Week Celebration: Dispatch loved their treats.

2. EMS Rule Changes: Discussion on open meeting for upcoming rule changes and people are encouraged to attend these and give their input to the state.


A motion to adjourn was made by Reedsville and Nazianz seconded. Meeting adjourned.

Next meeting is July 22, 2009 at 7:00 p.m. at Kiel Fire Station.


Attendance: Branch, Cleveland, Collins, Francis Creek, Kellnersville, Manitowoc, Mishicot, Newton, Reedsville, St. Nazianz, Reedsville, St. Nazianz, Two Rivers, Valders, Viking, JDC

Absent: Kiel, Silver Creek, Two Creeks



Submitted: D. Holschbach, secretary