Manitowoc County EMS Association Meeting Minutes 2-4-09

Host: Collins First Responders

The February 2009 meeting of the Manitowoc County EMS Association was called to order at 2030 by President Siehr. The educational portion of the meeting was held first and the business portion was held after. The speaker was Dr. Suzanne Martens from St. Nicks in Sheboygan who spoke on Pediatric Respiratory Emergencies.

Roll call was taken. A quorum was present.

The secretary’s report was distributed and copies given. A motion to accept the secretary’s report as printed was made by Newton and seconded by St. Nazianz. Report accepted.

The treasurer’s report was given and ending balances were given as follows:

Checking: $323.60 New CD Balance: $5043.91

Savings: $1953.07

Note: Two outstanding dues remain for 2008 are Reedsville and Valders.

A motion to accept the treasurer’s report as presented was made by Newton and seconded by St. Nazianz. Report accepted.

Old Business:

1. Website: Soon to be finalized. It is "" or "".

2. 12 Lead EKG’s: Appears to be done for now as none of the hospitals are interested and costs are significant. 12 lead recognition classes and skills are very important for the future of STEMI protocols.

3. Woodland Drive: Repairs should happen in 2009.

4. Address Change: Discussion on what we should do for an official association address. After much discussion, Newton volunteered to be the "mailing address" and they will forward any mail to the appropriate place. Therefore, the new mailing address is: 6528 Carstens Lake Road

Manitowoc, WI 54220

5. Letterhead: With the address change, we need new letterhead. Kevin Siehr to design.

6. Contact numbers: Again passed and some changes made.

7. Committee reports:

a. Dispatch: Steve Rollins from Mtwc. Corporate Council was to attend this meeting to speak on the issue of calling on the radios. Unfortunately he did not attend. Discussion was held on this issue and there are some items in place to clarify/rectify this issue. The "medical Miranda" is being looked at as a potential solution. Mark Busse is working on this. Using this protocol should shorten phone calls to dispatch and also make radio transmissions include the needed information for dispatchers. It was discussed that whatever changes are made for EMS should be uniform for fire and police. There was also a long discussion on why this whole item is an issue for EMS and fire and police can just ask for an ambulance no questions asked.

b. Protocols: Some changes have been submitted. Watch for changes.

c. Finance: Nothing new.

d. Disaster: Trailer to come to meeting possibly in March to show everyone what is in it. MFD has graciously agreed to continue to house and do inventory on the trailers. Chief Manis reports that everything is labeled and tagged. Anyone with extra equipment is encouraged to bring it to a meeting for the trailer.

e. Education and training: Ryan from LTC will speak here if he has anything to add for the good of the meeting. Kevin will contact Chuck from the state EMS office to forward regular updates from the physician’s advisory meetings to us. Ryan did report that LTC is working on a new format for the "flex refresher" that the state approved. LTC will have something in place by 7-1-09 and it will be a 6 hour mini refresher. LTC is also sponsoring another Bob Page seminar this year on EKG’s. More to follow on that.

f. Medical Director: Nothing to report.

g. Radio: Discussion on PAR checks for EMS. Vote to happen in May.

New Business:

1. Tax ID Number: Tom will get this organization their own tax ID number.

2. Elections: A motion was made by St. Nazianz and seconded by Newton for the secretary to cast a unanimous ballot for the open position of treasurer which only has one candidate: Tom Krajnik. Motion carried. Congratulations to Tom who is our new treasurer.

3. EMS Data Base: Discussion on this LTC EMS data base. Currently only fire chiefs have access to this. Ryan from LTC will work on this to get all EMS agencies access to the data base. More ideas on what to do with it from the committee: Busse, Holschbach, and Siehr.

4. EMS Week: Will be May 17-May 23. Discussion on having a "county wide event again" and it was decided to do this. Knier (chairperson), Siehr, Holschbach, and Reimer to be committee. Bill Manis will get a Manitowoc County EMS banner made. Everyone wanted to do the group thing again so we will. Date was chosen for 5-16-09 at Wal-Mart in Manitowoc.

5. EMS Seminar: Discussion on having our own EMS seminar in Manitowoc. The group seemed very much in favor of such an adventure. Holschbach, Busse, Becky (Valders), Knier, and Jay (Branch) committee. More to follow.

6. County ID Tags: Discussion about how to get more done. Two Rivers is now the home of the equipment and you have the option of going there sometime or taking your own digital pictures and emailing them to Two Rivers and getting the tags later. Contact Two Rivers or emergency government for the forms to send along with the pictures.

7. Informational Binders: Jay (Branch) reports that the fire association is making binders for all territories with water fill sites, potential landing zone sites, roads, etc. They will be working with EMS and sharing the information with EMS as we work together.

8. Pass Calls: Discussion on the topic of a one sentence statement made by dispatch prior to an EMS call like "attention Silver Creek First Responders and Manitowoc Rescue---stand by for an EMS call" happening for all EMS calls. Right now it only happens for City of Manitowoc and Two Rivers. It was a unanimous vote that this happen for ALL EMS agencies prior to a dispatch. A formal motion was made by Branch and seconded by Kellnersville but when it came to voting, the ballot was completely unanimous. Note to be sent to dispatch.

A motion to adjourn was made by St. Nazianz and seconded by Newton. Meeting adjourned.

Next meeting is March 25, 2009 at 7:00 p.m. at Francis Creek Fire Station: educational speaker on to be on Ice/Water Rescue.


Attendance: Branch, Cleveland, Collins, Francis Creek, Kellnersville, Manitowoc, Mishicot, Newton, Reedsville, St. Nazianz, Reedsville, St. Nazianz, Two Rivers, Valders, JDC, LTC

Absent: Kiel, Silver Creek, Viking, Two Creeks



Submitted: D. Holschbach, secretary