MABAS Division 128 Standard Operating Guidelines

Chapter: Operations Subject: Tender Responses to Box Alarms

MTWC County – MABAS Division 128 Tender Responses to Box Alarms

Section 1: Scope

Tenders deployed under a Division 128 MABAS Box Alarm level shall follow these guidelines when responding to a box alarm.

Section 2: Guideline for tenders

Tenders that are responding to box alarm activations shall respond initially to the staging area as instructed by the pre-scripted message from the dispatcher. Once the tender is close to the staging area they may attempt to reach the water officer on Fire Ground Blue (Ch.4). The Water Officer has the authority to instruct the tenders to bypass the staging area and go directly to the tender drop site(s). If the tender is not able to get ahold of the water officer they are to report to staging and the staging officer will give them directions and a route of travel for the tenders.

Section 3: Radio traffic

Tender operators are not to use county fire main during a box alarm except for going enroute and on scene. Water shuttle radio traffic may use fire ground blue (ch.4) or County fire work (Ch. 2) if so designated.

January 2018 Tender responses to box alarms